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It’s less than 2 months till graduation and many students, including my own daughter (featured in this post), are realizing that they need to have their senior portraits taken so they don’t have to use that unflattering yearbook photo to commemorate this once in a lifetime achievement.

senior portrait with wisteria

 Here are a few tips to get the most out of your session.

senior class photos

What will you wear? I always encourage my seniors to bring a large suitcase filled with their favorite clothes and accessories. Jewelry, hats, scarves, boots, a favorite pair of jeans, a coat, sweaters, letterman’s jacket, uniforms and instruments are encouraged. Girls, consider bringing 2 dresses, one casual and one formal. Boys, a coat and tie is always a good look. Before the session my assistant and I help you choose the right outfits and accessories for each location. I also have a lot of clothes and accessories on hand in case you want to borrow something.

santa cruz portraits

Where will you be photographed? That all depends on where you like to go in your free time and what do you like to do. I’ve photographed 100s of portrait sessions in the Santa Cruz – Monterey Bay area and I have tons of suggestions. I always like to have 3 locations in mind before we leave. For this session we chose my studio (above) and a couple of spots in downtown Santa Cruz including a little civil war cemetery. Perfect for Helena’s retro, quirky personality.

senior pictures

santa cruz portraits

When should you schedule your session? That depends on a few things. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your portrait proofs. If you want to have custom graduation invitations made that could take another week or so for designing and printing. Plan accordingly. Many students plan their portrait sessions the summer before their senior year. Others like to wait till Spring. Regardless of when you choose to schedule your session remember that this will probably be one of the only times you have your portraits professionally taken. The next time might not be until you are getting married! Choose your photographer wisely!

With such a huge milestone just around the corner, the time is NOW to schedule your senior portrait session! Call Rebecca and schedule today! 831-325-4183

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Why does it always seem like I work late on Fridays? It’s not so bad tonight because I’m finishing up my week and getting ready to go to a huge photography convention! Needless to say, I won’t be scheduling headshots next Tuesday (3/12/13) because I’ll be drooling all over new gear, software and amazing images at WPPI in Las Vegas.  It will be extra fun this year because I talked my husband into going with me and plan on having a great time and staying up late. For now, time to post some images.

One of my recent engagement sessions was with Eriko and Matt who will be getting married in Japan next month! I am looking forward to seeing her wedding photos and her exquisite kimono.

couple on beach

If you’ve been waiting until spring to have a portrait or engagement session give me a call 831-325-4183. The weather has been great and the wildflowers are starting to bloom here in Santa Cruz.

santa cruz photographer

  • Tina J. - March 9, 2013 - 8:24 AM

    Such a cute couple! Love the sunset picture.

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I often get asked about my favorite wedding flowers, venues and vendors. Near the top of my list is Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley and pink peonies.

pink peony bouquet

I love this portrait of Traci at Holman Ranch. Her peony bouquet was created by Gavita Flora, a Santa Cruz based florist.

pretty pink peony arrangement at altar

Gavita also created the altar floral arrangements

pink peony center pieces

and center pieces.  Black accents with pink flowers made for a lovely combo at the reception. Here’s a link to another favorite wedding at Holman Ranch.

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So far, 2013 is going down as the most mild winter weather I can remember! With gorgeous days like this, it’s hard to believe it’s February. Sunshine and blue skies, two of my favorite ingredients for beach weddings! And of course the third ingredient…

seabright beach


seabright beach lighthouse

Congratulations, Ellen & Troy! You picked the perfect day to elope!

walton lighthouse in Santa Cruz

If you’re planning to elope in Santa Cruz or the Monterey Bay area, give me a call 831-325-4183. I’ve photographed 100s of weddings and elopements and know the area well! Thank you to Lyssabeth’s Wedding Officiants for referring another awesome couple!

  • Trudy - February 26, 2013 - 9:26 AM

    What great photos! Makes me want to grab my fiance, jump in my car and go to Santa Cruz and elope!

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Every year on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I host a portrait fundraiser for local non-profits. This year I chose the Safe Schools Project which trains area youth to help promote tolerance and understanding at their  junior high and high schools.

a love theme portrait fundraiser

Walk-ins are welcome! Check out our Facebook page and last year’s event.

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